Thats how we started...

One year ago my son 2 years old, was invited to a birthday party in a big mall. For sure all kids was with there parents.
After half an hour a little kid (Angela) was missing …. Everybody was screaming her name with No response…
Minutes of panic till we saw her in front of a big toys shop.
…. A happy ending…. Thanks God.

So we imagine... Why don’t create a device that can wekker if our Kids go away from us ….
A so simple idea.
So we start designing the wekker and developing the functions that can afford.

One year later our Wekker is born.

What is wekker

Wekker Is a Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy alarm that allows you to localize your lost items from the wekker app on your smartphone.

Anti-Lost Alarm

Keep your valuable within range. When the wekker is out of range, your phone and the device will start alarming.

Find IT

Simply press the Alarm button for the selected wekker on your App and the wekker device will start beebing.

Location History

A pin drop will be added automatically on the map to show you where your belongs lost.


Navigate to the photograph icon in the app and press once the wekker button, your wekker will be a remote shutter

Voice Recorder

Simply double click the Wekker button and the voice recording will begin.

Trace your Car

when you park your car, press the button on Wekker, it will marks your current location on the map. Press the "Location list” and you will find where your vehicle is with easy tracking when you leave any big or underground parking lot


It can chain user’s easy-lost & valuable belongings, such as keys, handbags, kids or pets together with smart phones through specified App software within a setting Bluetooth connection distance. In the effective distance it can realize the functions of anti-lost, looking for smart phones, self-portrait and voice recording.

The effective distance of Wekker is between 15 and 25 meters in open range without barrier. With this device, your belongings, kids and pets won’t leave your attentions any more.

Wekker use CR2032 Lithium Coin Battery which is easy to get from markets, and it works for almost half a year.


What phones does wekker work with?

Works with iPhone 4S and newer, iPad Mini, iPad 3rd gen and newer, and iPod Touch 5th gen and newer, Android 4.3 and newer

What is the range of Wekker?

The range from your phone is 25 Meters depending on the environment.

How long will my Wekker battery last?

Wekker use CR2032 Lithium Coin Battery which is easy to get from markets, and it works for almost half a year

How Can we use voice recording?

In the settings of the Wekker App, goto double click settings and choose voice recorder.

Wekker is now available in


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